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Role Summary: Head webmaster, streamlining and maintaining translation projects content upload, global website site/payment platform solutions. Manage all Social Media/YouTube/Vimeo Content/Video Content. Outsource/Oversee technical professionals/project assistants as needed, to maintain ongoing technical oversight. Full time probable, part time possibile.

Background: The content BE is to be made available to any/all human. The BE team will make this happen with unique video content in all languages and a central website ready to scale to meet any need. In this way the content will be honored appropriately and shared according to its nature and benefit to global society.

1) Head webmaster for, and all BE video content/social media.
2) Operate on core BE team
3) Oversee the Recreation, ongoing improvement of the multilingual, to scale reliably/swiftly to meet any and all need/global access.
4) Create and oversee a team of technical website professionals as needed.
5) Streamline process for multilingual content upload from translators.
6) Optimize solution for multilingual website/global payment portal.

7) Oversee all social Media content for whatever platforms the BE decides to utilize FB/YouTube/Vimeo, other platforms, etc., (which will spread out bandwidth) and/or host it all in on our home site. 

8) See add for translators click here

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