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Translation Global Ambassador (TGA):

Role Overview: Oversees the Translation of Birth and Earth Content into spoken languages to cover the Globe, being point person for translator and part of core BE team. Work on Core BE team in other ways to be determined. This person will get to uniquely interact with influencers of all spoken language. Part Time/Full time possibilities, full time probable, there is much to do.

Background: The content BE will be made available to any/all human. The BE team will make this happen with unique video content in all languages and a central website ready to scale to meet any need. In this way the content will be honored appropriately and shared according to its nature and benefit to global society.

1) Oversees all BE content translations as to make the content available to all humans on Earth
2) Identify, Hire, Support, Mentor, Manage, Cheer, Coach, and Compensate the translators, likely to be a minimum of 200 plus projects, or far more.
3) Your job is the success of the translators to creatively recapture the essence of the content, in their translated language. 
4) Collaborate with web master team, translators, and core team to streamline content upload.

5) Work with translators to asses and address unique needs of language groups, and provide leadership around all special circumstances that might prevent making content available to certain people, including Collaboration and ambassador relations with organizations, governments and electronic communication assets. 
6) Possibly complete a translation project, if bilingual, for direct familiarity with the process
7) Other tasks (if full time)

8) See add for translators, click here

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