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Echo Aziz Elohi Kathakar

(Feb 1, 1984, 19:42, Lubbock, Texas, USA)

Starting one day at age 23, I devoted my life to entirely the Story of Earth, and to offer response toward present need/converging crisis at this time on Earth, my path of public service. 


From going the depth and distance and thoroughness of preparation inner and outer, unparalleled and revolutionary strategy, care, clarity, confidence, compassion, purpose, confidence, and wizardry, are behind every word I will share and speak, because, responding to our global crisis, showing up for each other and our home, Earth, is what matters, period. 

I have been a wilderness guide trainer, distance backpacker/mountaineer, kids camp director, youth/college student mentor, hospice bereavement therapist, volunteer for social justice and environmental restoration projects, native wood flute carrier, ritual tribal dancer, movement practitioner, yogi, graduate academic/scholar. A particular gift of mine is with children, I am  something of a "whisperer" with kids, able to evoke deep safety, magic, curiosity, play, and the child's deep inner spark, quite quickly. It is a pure art and depth of my humanness, and high gift, to relate give and receive with a child. I worked over a decade with kids in near every setting children can be found, residential group homes, schools, camps, hospice, play therapy, nature school, family retreats, wilderness adventure, or whomever he happen to cross paths with around town. I lead a 2 year long nature based coming of age group with his co-leader Skylar Wilson (2014). Education wise, I was a mystery school "passion for the possible" student of Dr. Jean Houston (2010). I did a psychology/counseling M.A. in San Diego (APU, 2011). He was a Western Philosophy/Whole Planet Thought/Spiritual Psychology/Ecology student of Richard Tarnas, Sean Kelly, Brian Swimme, Stan Grof, and Joanna Macy at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco (2nd M.A., CIIS, Philosophy Cosmology Consciousness, 2013), where he went to study the absolute leading edge about whole planet thinking in particular related to western thought. After finishing at CIIS, two days later I began my entirely self directed solo "PhD" work, to synthesize human knowledge systems at large and understand this moment on Earth at its next level of understanding, Earth's Story, knowing that this deeper clarity is integral to addressing our present day global crisis. In this master synthesis I, conveniently, say nothing new. From deeply listening to master teachers, world traditions, multiple/integral ways of knowing, adept direct experience, advanced pattern recognition and multivalent thought, instead of seeing a knowledge system, I instead see the threads between knowledge systems, or rather, the synthesis. On my path post 2013 I studied human knowledge systems at large, in a vast and broad depth, synthesizing the world's most advanced knowledge systems and bodies of wisdom. I studied everything the world could possibly offer on the subject of physical human birth, for an entire year,  including sitting with mothers, as they shared birth stories, to contemplate and directly "listen consciously" to Earth's Story as Birthing Mother. I conducted an advanced and complex review the entire lifework of Jose Arguela and the nature of time (of note was the most advanced calendar/numerological system to exists. I studied cutting edge thought and cosmologies of Embryogenesis Cosmology from Richard Grossinger. I conducted archetypal analysis of esoteric and religious and new age symbolism as well as historical scientific knowledge from anthropology, geology, energy systems of the body, and quantum physics. I studied the Human Design System of Ra Uru Hu. I took two full permaculture courses, one with master permaculture pioneer Toby Hemmingway. I studied thought leaders in mainstream business, consultation, and leadership. I am deeply fond of Chinese Medicine and Taoist knowledge at large, Qigong, and Ayurveda, from the practical to the most esoteric, all of which I studied, showing me how health, the bodies energy, organs, chakras, seasons, elements, plants, animals of earth all work and aren't separate and inform our wellness. I also study all things related to health from western and any tradition at all, that informs cultivation and healing. I studied the life work of Mantak Chia, on the cultivation of sexual energy and wellness, as well as countless other new teachers on the same subject. I vastly studied, practiced, and lived the cultivation/knowledge of sexual/kundalini energy (many years regularly sitting with Swami Nathaji). I also studied (and practiced :) the realm of teachers on dating/courting, and the dynamics of the masculine, feminine, and "gender polarity," to continue understanding the a more complete awareness of the erotic process, for male and female. Another central component of my study came from both ancient and modern "non dual yoga" (in particular Kashmir Savism of Abhinavagupta) which has historically been recognized by many as the most sophisticated non dual philosophical system to have exited in all time, he studied and practiced it independently and in conjunction with Swami Nathaji, a recognized lineage holder of Kashmir Shavism, in his School of the Heart of Consciousness, formerly located in Berkeley, California, now in Maui. My time with Swami Nathaji allowed me to synthesize non dual knowledge with western thought/Earth's Story. In 2013 I found his instrument maker, Swampfox. I gained a love for the Native American Flute, which he played widely in Bay Area exploring the mystery of sound. I took one season to explore the many transformational festivals of California, including Burning Man in 2013, which showed me the depth, magic, possibility, of the free human spirit, gathered together in village and festival. I geeked out on things such as non violent communication and restorative justice, took many workshops and classes. I can teach or lead restorative justice work. Over the years I realized movement is core to life, wellness, our story and our need to heal our world now onward. I have learned a lot at this point, and continue ongoing practice regularly. I studied/practiced movement from the lens of Contact Improvisation Dance and in the lineage of Frey Faust/Axis Syllabus in Berkeley, which dramatically opened my eyes to what human movement potential actually is, and can be. I studied/practiced advanced running biomechanics, strength training, physical therapy, functional movement, primal movement, yogic asana, movement approaches of Ido Portol, the Bioneer, Vahava Fitness, FitnessFAQ, Strength Side, Saturno, Squat University, and many many many others. I run, sprint, and distance across boulder fields and rock jetty, a movement art that is my particular odd unique natural skill. I am not the best at any movement practice, but I will beat you in a race across a rock jetty :). I worked with network spinal analysis giving me insight into the nature of the undulating spine, breathe waves, embodied patterns, and kundalini (where consciousness, space, time, movement, health all meet and not separate). I was part of the Ecstatic Dance Oakland Tribe before it dispersed, and spent some time in my Contact Improv Community. I was a qigong student of the former head master of the Shaolin Temple in China, Master Shi Yong Yao (2017/8 I think it was ). I learned advanced sound healing qigong from Taoist Mingtong Gu, and I learned about Pu'er Gungfu From Tea Master Wang. I have studied and extensively practiced pranayama/myofunctional wellness, and various wisdom from various teachers of breathe. I have been training/living/rewilding "barefoot" for 6 plus years. I have water structuring practice. I conducted a vast, in-depth survey of the worlds understandings of human foreskin and the phenomena of neonatal (infant) so called "circumcision," as well as all imposed genital alteration of any child, male or female, and hold expertise in the awareness of the rather complex multitude of dimensions of such phenomena. I hold awareness, and have studied as much as I can, around many complex aspects to the global water crisis, soil crisis, including the systemic social and biological phenomena of chemical use, and the creation and global crisis surrounding "forever chemicals" (c8, gen x, pfoa, peas). I track and hold awareness of as many of the heavy and dark realities large populations face around the global, in particular, our current wars and the vast web of consequence, suffering, and human rights violation, and environmental degradation. But also the array of other large scale dark human  circumstances around the globe, and as their many dimensions of these phenomena. I have studied and practiced western astrology a very long time now. I recently revisited the newest and latest research from geology, ancient/paleo anthropology, archeology, and all things early earth and earth humans, to refresh and update details from scientific ways of knowing. So, I've vastly studied advanced cosmology from a multitude of ways of knowing and human knowledge systems at large, post finishing the central cosmological (story is a simpler word for cosmology) graduate school in the world, CIIS/PCC, under Richard Tarnas. I taken no notes, I've written no papers or books. I've long know I must speak everything I will share.


Hardship came for me via a long term "indescribable rock bottom", spiritual darkness, serious and unique health challenges, alongside long term debilitating financial poverty, caught between the bizarre necessity of working on his project which demanded my full life attention, yet without funding whatsoever to do such, and health challenges. This dark night (dark many years rather) required a deep and profound subsequent devotion to long term healing, moment by moment, day be day, to discover what it truly means to live a balanced, and seeking out and implement all that would inform and empower me to do such, and then do the work. I feel I can understand depression and bi polarity, I do understand severe chronic long term insomnia, severe tremors, and a certain expression of an eating disorder, as I experienced this. It was the most amazing people I can imagine around me, and the most amazing healing modalities, and human intimacy, that moved me through, and to the other side, of my severe suffering and hardship. I have felt responsibility and also immense pressure to complete and offer my work. 

I was Sadhak under Swami Nathaji in the School of the Heart of Consciousness in regards to my spiritual guidance and "kundalini," from 2014 until 2020. I was mentored, unconventionally, outside of any system, by "Papa" Ron, from age 19 until 35. 

In 2021 I let go of his given name, and took on my name Echo Aziz Elohi Kathakar. 


In short, it means Earth Story Teller. 

At this point, 2023, I know myself as leading authority on the matter of the circumstances of the whole of humanity, and the Earth as a whole, practically applied towards what needs to be said at this time, and how to say it.


So..... it is time to start.


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