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Donation/Investment Info

 To make the benefits of this project available to the global commons faster:


1) Share the content with your networks

2) Donate any amount large or small

in the payment portal, click here to donate.

3) Invest. Short and to the point, this, is the project to invest in, at this time. 


As default I will utilize a straight forward maximum investment return arrangement, possibility to double original investment in a short amount fo time as is possible. Otherwise, 33% minimum investment return, via annual revenue share model, likely paid out in full by 2024. Currently 5k US$ minimum (subject to change/increase).


(An example of a likely scenario is as follows, in fall 2023 you invest 10k, on or before Fall 2024 you receive 13300k or more, likely 20k. 


Contact us (subject line: investment) to receive the current offer details, note the amount you wish to invest, then we will reply if available and


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