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Millionaire minimum payment requirements 

Individuals with a net worth of 1 million US$ or more (or current market exchange equivalent in another currency, click here to convert) are required to pay a minimum payment in order to use all Echo's online content  according to the minimum payment amount chart below, with higher amounts as an optional sliding scale. Net worth equals the market value of your assets minus debts. Calculate which bracket is true to your situation. Content access is based on individual access/payment, so couples with legal/functional joint finances may divide joint net worth by the appropriate ratio reflecting your functional agreement, or divide it in half. 

Conversion tools:

(Calculate international exchange conversion, click here)

(Crypto to USD conversation tool, click here)

1 million usd net worth requires: $144 to $500 US payment

10 million usd net worth requires: $500 to 4k US payment

100 million usd net worth requires: $4k to 30k US payment 

1 billion usd net worth requires: $30k to 200k US payment 


10 billion usd net worth requires: $200k to 1m US payment 

100 billion usd net worth requires: $1-2 million US payment 

200 billion usd net worth requires: $2-3 million US payment

300 billion usd net worth requires: $3-6 million US payment

Payment Options:


- Cryptocurrency

best/preferred option!

- Paypal

allows 10k to 60k per transaction with an account,

4k without an account 

(paypal send limits info click here)

- Bank transfer



- Paper check: 

(certified check best for larger amounts) 


Write check to:

"Joshua Allen Morrill" (my legal name)


Mail to:

Echo Aziz

1525 Arlington Blvd. 

El Cerrito, CA 94530



Alternative option as needed:


write to for assistance,

or to set up direct wire transfer, or to find another option



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