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Here is a bit of info to help you select a payment options.


No account required. Broadly accessible to most people in USA/globally (current country list click here). Easy debit/credit card, bank, or PayPal balance. 

Click here to use Paypal.

Crypto (Global):

Our preferred option globally. triple check ticker symbols matches and address is correct to avoid losing funds/ non payment. If you are new to crypto, Coinbase referral bonus account link here.  Send Bitcoin from PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. When new to crypto take all the care/time/caution needed to learn how it works.  

Click here to send Crypto.

International (Non USA) 

We use payment platform. We ask you don't use credit card for amounts over $108, or debit card for amounts over 4k. This option is good for larger amounts, if PayPal doesn't work where you live, or if you don't have crypto.  

Google Pay: 

Google Pay will work in USA and India. Bank transfer or debit preferred, CC option as well, you just have to set up your google account and it's easy to do so. 

Click here for Google Pay.


Cash App, Venmo, Zelle:

USA only, A new CashApp sign up you get $5 bonus with the link here

Click here to chose one of these options.

Paper Check:

last resort, but accepted at this time. Click here for paper check info (at the bottom).

Paypal is the easiest to avoid Paper check if possible, using bank/debit/or credit card, click here

Zelle (coming soon):

Send your payment right from your own bank website. easy. coming soon, click here.

Click here to go back to payment selection page. 

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